Who we’re

3D – a Foundation set up in UK, on 29th September, 2017

What is 3D?

We’re a newly formed Society of like-minded individuals who want to Radiate Goodness in Mankind with a Plain Progressive Agenda with no ifs, no buts! 3D stand for ‘Decisions Determine Destiny’; and our Motto: ‘Plain Progressive Agenda’! The scope of our operation is apolitical, non-religious, non-ethnic/tribal or section based. Summarily, our object is to: Provide support for Technological; Educational; Economic & Sociocultural improvement of disadvantaged in communities.

These objects bring in benefits that will radiate goodness and hope in mankind which are not limited to those that would sign up to this Plain Progressive Agenda. The simple knowledge that you are making little difference to the lives of the people, which by fate, would enable them to make an informed Decisions that will Determine their Destiny, is the firm belief of 3Dears (People of 3D). This kindness we hope will elicit goodness in communities of mankind. In a nut shell, this is who we’re!

Thank you