The objectives of 3DGam summarily explained:

What we set for ourselves can be acronymic as TEESidic: Technological; Educational; Economic & Sociocultural improvement of disadvantaged in communities.

1. Technological: Provide support for Information, Communication & Technological (ICT) equipment and/resources.

2. Education: Provide educational materials and or equipment for the enhancement of learning. Helps to link educational establishments to facilitate staff and learners of twined Institutes to broaden their views and be more outward looking, breaking down barriers in understanding other cultures and learn best practices from one another

3. Economic: Provide financial support for community development oriented project be it Agriculture and/Trade. Engage into business, the benefits of which will be far-reaching than individual pockets.

4. Sociocultural: Promote and enhance useful Sociocultural practice in The Gambia and in Diaspora and vice-versa